Web Redesign

Your website is the Major Marketing Tool or Primary Information Centre, but it continues to be on the web with the same design for long and look obsolete.
Wezzal Media Technologies dentifying the target audiences for the web site, developing a persona set, conducting usability studies, surveying our clients, and defining the structure of the redesigned site.
As the Internet grows, and web-related technologies continue to improve, neglect, poor design, and outdated methodologies are causing more and more websites to fall to the side. It is important that you keep the look of your website fresh and maintain cutting-edge standards of design, navigation, and functionality. You should regularly schedule a complete redesign of your website, periodically giving your visitors a new and exciting experience. This service will help ensure the professional execution of the redesign of your website and - by increasing your site’s usability - enhance the perception of your organization.

Take some time to answer yourself the following questions.

> Does the design of your website appeal to you as a visitor?
> Does your website convey the necessary information you want to share with your target audience?
> Does the website use proper Color Theme, Graphics and Images? Are they in accordance with the purpose of your website?
> Does your website Load Fast on the Browser? Is it compatible with all modern browsers?
> Does your website have a neat navigation to guide your visitors easily through the website?
> Does it stand abreast in terms of latest web design to beat your competitor's website?

When we are satisfied that the design are viable, we present them to you for review. We walk you through the design process - explaining the how's and why's of the design. It is also important to note here that we guarantee your satisfaction with the site design. We collaborate with you during this process to ensure that we design the site for you and your users, and we are not finished with the project until you are 100% satisfied

Services Benefits:

> Professional experience and training related to website design.
> Knowledge and expertise of the latest website design techniques.
> Interaction between trained consultant and customer to listen to current needs and ideas.
> Evaluation of latest technologies and the knowledge necessary to make decisions about appropriate technologies to use
> Clear resolution of customer's needs