Live Project Training in SEO

What is seo?
seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. seo is the hidden force to popularize any site. There are more than millions of sites which are created per day but from these sites only very few sites become popular. Popularity depends upon sites feature, content etc but it also depends upon the seo of the website. The better the seo of the site, the better is the ranking of that site in the search engine. We optimize our site according to the requirement of the Search Engines like Google, Bing etc so that our site would be in top when users search any text keyword

Live Project Training in SEO


Search Engine Basics
• What Is a Search Engine?
• What is Crawlers, spiders, and robots
• Classifications of Search Engines
• Targeted search engines
Website Development
• Before You Build Your Site know your target website
• Decide Page elements
• Understanding Web-Site Optimization
• Does hosting matter?
• Domain-naming tips
• Powerful titles
• Creating great and Unique content
• Fussy frames
• Cranky cookies
• Design Concerns
• Duplicate content
• Hidden pages
• Dealing with updates and site changes
• Understanding Keyword Placement
• Alt and Other Tags and Attributes
• Meta description tags
• Anchor text
• Header tag content
• Body text
• URLS and File Names
• Importance of Keywords
• Picking the Right Keywords
• What’s the Right Keyword Density?
• More About Keyword Optimization
• Use of Pay-per-Click.
• How Pay-per-Click Works.

• How Pay-per-Clicks affect your website.

External Tools and Services
• Google Ad Words
• Campaign management
• Google Analytics
• Yahoo! Search Marketing
• Microsoft ad Center
• Reports
• Social Media
Tagging Your Web Site
• What’s Site Tagging?
• How Does Site Tagging Work?
• Additional HTML Tags
• No-follow
• No-frames
• Using Redirect Pages
Role of Links and Linking
• How Links Affect seo
• How Links and Linking Work
• Snagging inbound links
• Creating outbound links
• Advantage of cross-linking
Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers
• What Are Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers?
• What’s the Robot Exclusion Standard?
• Robots Meta Tag
• Inclusion with XML Site Mapping
• Creating your own XML site map
• Submitting your site map
• Optimization for Google
• Understanding Google Page Rank
• Calculate Page Rank of each page
• Algorithm of Page Rank
• Optimization for MSN
• Optimization for Yahoo!

• The Yahoo! Search Crawlers